Please take a look at the Bus Safety Rules and review them with your child(ren):

Be ready when the bus arrives. (Due to bus changes, please be ready 10 minutes early the first week of school.)
Enter or leave the bus only while it is stopped.
Cross in front of the bus.
Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
Keep your head and arms inside the windows.
Use of any illegal substance is forbidden.
Quarreling, fighting, yelling, throwing items, or horseplay is forbidden.
Seats may be assigned by the driver.
Eating and drinking is prohibited, except by permission of the advisor or coach.
All students are encouraged to wear seat belts.
Any repairs due to vandalism/damage caused by a student(s) will become the financial responsibility of the student/parent.
Glass containers are not allowed.
An adult must be present to greet your child (grades K-4) when he/she is dropped off the bus.