About Our District

Johnsburg Central School District is located mainly in the Town of Johnsburg and includes seven hamlets in the northeast corner of Warren County.  The district has within its borders about 200 square miles and a population of approximately 2,500.  The garnet mines, lumbering and Gore Mountain Ski Center provide employment for some residents.

The school, located in the village of North Creek, provides modern educational facilities for students in grades Pre-K-12

Johnsburg Central School provides a broad, diversified program for its students. Basic Skill development is emphasized PreK-12, along with adequate opportunity to stretch the bounds of the abilities and talents of the student body. Students can access Career and Technical Education programs at the Southern Adirondack Educational Center on Dix Avenue in Hudson Falls (part of WSWHE BOCES). Both resource room and regular classroom settings serve students with disabilities.

School Report Card

New York State has indicated that Johnsburg Central School District is a school in "Good Standing." 

The complete report card and CIR report may be obtained during normal school hours at the district office. It is also available on the internet at: http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/

Grades 7-12 - 139
Grades PreK-6 - 200
Total - 339

Graduate Data

 Class Year
Class Size
Percent Attending College

Marking System

Numerical grades with 65 passing, 85 Honor Roll, 93 High Honors.

Rank in Class

Rank in class will be determined using a weighted class rank/unweighted GPA calculation on the following formulas for classes taken at JCS only:
1.  All 1 credit high school courses: final average x1.0;
2.  All 1/2 credit high school courses: final average x 0.5;
3.  All honors courses and Regents Physics, Regents Chemistry, Pre-calculus, Regents Algebra II, Regents Algebra 2/Trigonometry courses: final average x 1.1;
4.  All AP and college in the high school courses: final average x 1.2