Welcome to Your Virtual School Library!

If you have any questions about what you find here, or how these resources can be used please see your school library media specialist.

School Library System

Our school library system also has a website that can be very helpful. There is a collective catalog of the school libraries in our BOCES district, as well as links to many of the databases we have access to the WSWHE BOCES Library Catalog.

The Johnsburg Town Library

The town library also has many wonderful resources and people who are eager to assist you.
Wed. 11-5
Th. 1-7
Fri. 1-5
Sat. 10-4
Phone Number: 251-4343

Note to Parents/Guardians

If you have any questions about or issues relating to library classes (preK-6th grade), the library curriculum, books being read, discussed, and made available for student use, fines or overdues, or the high school or elementary libraries in general, please feel free to contact me at 251-2921 ext. 3802. I am available from 7am to 3:05pm, and will return messages ASAP.

Thank you,

Eric Gelber, School Librarian, preK-12

518-251-2921 ext. 3802

[email protected]

Pam Ross, High School Library Assistant

518-251-2921 ext. 3804