Building & Grounds


    “We believe that it is our charge to provide and maintain the facilities necessary to support the curriculum and instruction essential to ensure Johnsburg Central School students graduate with an excellent educational background.”

    2019-2020 Goals: 

    1. To walk through the building at least 3 times during the year to check for upkeep and safety.
    2. Sparkle principle:  To ensure the building is kept at the highest cleanliness level possible and to oversee repair projects.
    3. To reseed/repair the front section of the building, the area around the pavilion, and the side of the hill.
    4. To continue to showcase programs, students, and staff activities that demonstrates the variety and excellence of JCS.
    5.  To create and maintain a list of potential projects with estimated cost for the next five years.  

    Committee Members:
    School Contact Person: Michael  Markwica, Frank Morehouse, Larry Ringer``
    Erwin Morris, Sarah Williams