School/Community Relations

  • “We believe that our school is a central part of the community and should provide opportunities for all community members. Academic and extracurricular activities provide for student opportunities that can be enhanced with community support and participation.”

    2019-2020 Goals:

    1.     To encourage community members to participate in volunteer activities.

             a)   Jaguar Jamboree/Craft Fair
    2.     Support communication between parents, staff, and students. 

             a)   Expand our Facebook page. (Look into the possibility of   having a student help with this project.)
    3.    To hold a meeting once a month for teacher presentations/committee meetings/reports, ie: Presentation of NHS Rubric, Music Dept., Pre-K program, Technology, Dean of Students.Would like to see more student presentation highlighting the programs with  the Department Chairs and Coordinators.  

             a)   Talk about visions for the departments.
    4.   Support activities involving other town organizations.
    5.    Create positive connections with the community.

             a)   Maintain “Wall of Fame”
             b)   Brainstorm ideas for Alumni Activities 
             c)   Provide Adult Classes ex. CPR (Look at how the Distance Learning Lab may be used)
             d)  Create a webinar on how to use School Tool or other computer software programs; youtube or Ted Talk.
             e)   Set up programs during the day for students and evening programs for parents.
             f)   Provide a track around the field outside the school for the school and the public to use.
    6. Continue to have student assemblies dealing with current issues they are facing.  (ex: Vaping)
    7. Discuss with the town to have them bring back their newsletter page. 

    Committee members: 
    School Contact Person: Michael Markwica, Heather Flanagan, a Student When Needed
    Tom Ordway, Jake Sauer-Jones