My name is Pamela Ross.  Although I did not grow up here in the North Creek area, it played a very big part in my life.  My father was born and raised here as well as his parents before him.  Holidays and summer vacations were spent visiting the place I now call "Home."  It is here that I met my husband Rick and where we raised our two daughters, Heather and Ashleigh who went on to graduate from JCS.  It is also here that they too have made their homes and where my three grandsons will one day go to school. 

In 1986 I began substituting at JCS in both elementary and high school classrooms as a teaching aide.  I also filled a long term sub position in the high school library.  In September of 1999, I was appointed a position as a long term sub in the Elementary Computer Lab which in turn became a full time position.  I worked in that position for 5 years before taking on my current title of High School Lab and Network Attendant.