"We believe that the school must provide a safe, caring learning environment for students and also be accessible for the community to use for a wide variety of activities."

2013-2014 Goals  

  1. To provide security and a safe environment. 
  2.   a.  To continue to provide all staff with identification badges.
  3. To help make sure the school has an emergency plan in case of evacuation or wide epidemic illness.
  4. School Spirit
      a.  Shirts, coats, and sweatshirts;
      b.  Sing the alma mater at basketball games; 
      c.  Name the gym contest; 
      d.  Mural outside and on the inside wall of the gymnasium; 
      e.  Championship recognition banners. 
  5. Research the cost to add to the school security system. 
  6. Support extra-curricular activities (Example: athletics, clubs, and organizations) 

    Committee Members: Tom Ordway and Chris Jay 
    School Contact Person: Mike Markwica