"We believe that it is our charge to provide and maintain the facilities necessary to support the curriculum and instruction necessary to ensure Johnsburg Central School students graduate with an excellent educational background."

2013-2014 Goals:

  1. To continue a recycling program. 
      a. Newspapers
      b. Magazines
      c. Plastics
      d. Cans 
  2. To institute composting by having a class in charge of the process.
  3. Sparkle principal: To insure the building is kept at the highest cleanliness level possible and to oversee repair projects. 
  4. To re-seed the front section of the front of the and the side of the hill.
  5. To re-see the back corner of the playground.
  6. To continue to showcase programs, students, and staff activities that demonstrate the variety and excellence of JCS. Objective: a) sign for sports information out front
  7. To reduce the amount of paper usage in classrooms and offices.

Committee members:  Bill Conner and Tom Ordway
School Contact Person: Mike Ordway