"We believe that a strong curriculum must have excellent instruction and be provided with the resources necessary to ensure student success. In addition, the district is committed to reporting student performance criteria that accurately reflects the mission of Johnsburg Central School."

 2013-2014 Goals

  • To align our curriculum with the new State Core Standards.
  • To implement the Annual Professional Performance Review.
  • To promote continued professional development for the faculty.
  • To implement curriculum possibilities to help further prepare students for college entrance. Objectives: a) To research and to possibly create courses that could provide college credit; b) Advanced Placement Classes (look at the possibility of teaching an advance science class in the future); c) Distance Learning Classes.
  • To review the "Crackerbarrel" information for ideas and direction to implement board goals.
  • Create a reading list for students in grades 7-12 that would indicate excellent choices for English Regents and SAT prep.
  • To maintain membership of College For Every Student (CFES): a) college search, b) college trips, c) look at making connections with colleges.
  • Have all teachers in grades K-5 hand out "Summer Learning Packets."  This can include items such as Reading lists, worksheets, games, etc.
  • Create stronger and more depth opportunities for gifted students.
  • Invite professionals within the communities or past graduates to come in at lunch time to discuss careers.
  • Have high school students write short responses to questions similar to the elementary to put in the News Enterprise.  (suggestion: to begin during election time.)
  • Transition our foreign language to Spanish.
  • Look into creating an AP Biology class.

Committee Members: Tara Sears and Mark Richards
School Contact Person: Nadeen Kearney