"We believe that our school is a central part of the community and should provide opportunities for all community members. Academic and extracurricular activites provide for student opportunities that can be enhanced with community support and participation."

2013-2014 Goals: 

1.  To encourage community members to participate in volunteer activities. Objectives: a) PTSA; b)Jaguar Jamboree/Winter Carnival; c) Survey Post Graduates

2.  Support communication between parents, staff, and students. a.  To fully implement Blackboard in grades 7-12. Hold additional workshops to educate parents on how to use Blackboard.  b.  1. To continue to provide training for teachers and staff in School Tools to allow a better understanding of the program. 2. To transition into a new school website. 

3.  To hold a meeting once a month for teacher presentations/committee meetings/reports ie:Presentation of NHS Rubric, French, Music Dept., Pre-K, Technology, PTSA, Dean of Students. 

4.  Support activities involving other town organizations.  

5.  Create positive connections with the community.
  a.  Set a "Wall of Fame" criteria/awards date, b. Add student photographs/college posters to the 3rd floor; c.  Alumni Activities  d.  Create a Volunteer List  e.  Provide Adult Classes (Look at how the DLL may be used)  f.  Create a webinar on how to use School Tool/Blackboard or other computer software programs; g. Create workshops dealing with Internet safety and social media concerns ie: Facebook.  Set up programs during the day for students and evening programs for parents. h.  Provide a walking area both inside and outside the school.  Possibility of adding fitness centers to the trail outside and/or hooking it up with the Carol Thomas trail.  (We might be able to have the NHS or the Earth Club volunteer one day a year to help maintain the Carol Thomas trail or have students create wooden signs for the trails in shop class.)

6.  More school-wide activities. ie: Principal's/Community Picnic, Dances, Pep Rallies, etc.

7.  Create a Health Fair and have law enforcement come in to talk about Internet/Facebook dangers.

 Committee Members: Bill Conner, Mark Richards, and Tara Sears

  School Contact Person: Mike Markwica